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Have you ever seen a naked person at the beach? It’s usually a man on his back surfing and having the time of his life. But did you know that surfing can be dangerous and even deadly? While surfing, you need to wear at least a lifeguard bathing suit to protect you from the hot surf. But did you know that you are not safe when you are surfing nude?

We have all heard about or have personally experienced an incident where a paddle shot was taken without a lifeguard in sight. It can be incredibly traumatizing and the injuries often include a brain injury or internal bleeding. And what happens if the paddle gets stuck in the sand or washed up on the shore? There’s a good chance that the individual could sustain an injury as severe as a stroke, especially if they are unconscious.

When you are swimming naked, it is impossible for a lifeguard to help you. It is almost impossible to see behind you and if you are struggling in the sand, it will take more than a good paddle shot to get you out. You may as well just stay in the water, especially if it is sunny outside and there is no chance of rinsing off. Your body is simply too vulnerable when you are naked.

If you do decide to go naked, you must wear a life vest, or at least wear something that is flotation resistant. The life vests are made for this exact situation because they are designed to float in the ocean. If they sink to the bottom, you are likely to lose your ability to surf. It may take a long time before you can swim naked again. If your instructor ever sees you doing so, he may be forced to make you take the class again.

For the lifeguards, being naked is extremely uncomfortable. The last thing they want to do is have their clothes all wrinkled and rubbing against each other, especially when it is hot and their clothing is not air-conditioned. Lifeguards also do not want their clothes being caught on things underwater. They could have a legal issue if they were to sue the owners of the pool for damages.

Being a lifeguard is a very stressful job and can be extremely difficult emotionally. If you have issues relating to feeling exposed, you should talk to your employer about it. There may be an accommodation available. Perhaps you can take swimming lessons so you will feel more comfortable being nude in the pool.

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